samedi 17 janvier 2009

Packaging of the week: BeePak™

This nifty little package, called a BeePak™ has a US Patent Pending and is designed in the shape of a heart for single serve uses.

It has two separate pocket chambers, which when squeezed together create two separate streams of product. The front edge of the pack, then acts as a spreader or knife if you want to mix the sauces together.

To open the BeePak™ you simply remove a small tab covering the dual openings at the front of the pack, and then just squeeze the two sides together!

The BeePak™allows the user to control how much and where the sauces should flow, and because the openings are visible and well away from the user’s finger and thumb, there is no mess.

The BeePak™ can be used for combinations like butter and jam; ketchup and mayo, vinegar and salad oil; shampoo and conditioner – but can also be used for one product on both sides of the pack.

Single serve packages give consumers choice and security particularly in the airlines, food service and hospitality area, where speed of service is all important.

By combining two products in the one package this also eliminates much of the wastage too. The in-built spreader also eliminates the need for a knife to spread a product – so there is less to clean up, which is also a saving in staff time.

Tstix International Licensing, the Australian company behind the invention is looking to License the rights to the invention to interested companies. Tstix is also behind the Tstix™invention too – a micro-filter stick pack for teas and coffees, and a winner of a 2008 prestigious Worldstar Award for packing excellence.

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