mardi 13 janvier 2009

McDonald's 'most littered brand'

McDonald's packaging is the most dropped fast food litter in England, a survey by Keep Britain Tidy suggests.

Branded litter from the company made up 29% of all fast food litter spotted in the survey.

Unbranded wrappings from local fish and chip or kebab shops came second, making 21% of waste, bakery Greggs came third with 18% and KFC fourth with 8%.

Surveyors for the organisation spent two days observing branded fast food litter in ten cities across England.

Sandwich chain Subway and other branded coffee shops completed the list, each with 5% of the litter found.

The cities surveyed were Newcastle, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Leicester, Birmingham, Bristol, Southampton and London.

Keep Britain Tidy has delivered the survey to the chief executives of companies named.

It is demanding the fast food industry takes more responsibility for what happens to fast food and packaging when it is taken away from premises.

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