lundi 15 décembre 2008

SLB™ Technology: Fourteen-Day Shelf Life for Fresh-Cut Fruit & Vegetables

Hefestus is launching its solution for fresh-cut fruit and vegetable packaging at Fruit Logistic, Berlin, February 4-6, 2009.

The company will exhibit its SLB™ Technology which enables manufacturers to pack fresh-cut fruit and vegetables and extends shelf life up to 14 days. The innovative system allows manufacturers and marketers to transport fresh-cut products to distant destinations. This can revolutionize the entire supply chain, from manufacturer to consumer via fewer returns or discards, lower cost and satisfied consumers.

Click here to see the SLB movie

Hefestus will feature Hera, the world's fastest packaging machine can pack fresh products with SLB™ packaging (MAP) technology at a rate of 1,200 units per hour.

Hefestus also will feature a multiple packaging solution contributing to increased shelf-life (up to 21 days) for ready-to-eat pomegranates. It is the first and ultimate pomegranate technology, providing a full solution, from a whole fruit to separated arils packed in ready-to eat trays, or arils ready for extraction of juice.

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