jeudi 11 décembre 2008

Mondi Corrugated Packaging: "intelligent box"

Après la boîte intelligente Hide-Pack d’emballage Krupack, Mondi, le plus important fournisseur d’emballage en carton ondulé, flexible et de sacs en papiers au Royaume-Uni propose son "Intelligent Box".

Mondi Corrugated Packaging has developed a process to add RFID labels to corrugated boxes to enable effective scanning, tracking and reception of packs.

The firm said its "intelligent box" would reduce the need for a labour-intensive tag application process by using a high-speed manufacturing system to add RFID labels in large volumes.

The use of RFID, rather than traditional barcodes, would enable companies to scan entire pallets for quicker redistribution of products.

"The intelligent boxes will provide round-the-clock access to live information about product availability and location. This will make stocktaking and warehouse management quicker and more accurate," added Robinson.

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