lundi 8 décembre 2008

CERAMIS®-PLA : Silicon oxide-coated compostable barrier film

Alcan Packaging Food Americas offers food and packaged good brand owners sustainable, high-barrier packaging solutions with Ceramis-PLA biodegradable barrier films.

Made from the annually renewable resource corn starch, Ceramis polyactic acid (PLA) structures are fully biodegradable and compostable to meet the market's increasing demand for environmentally responsible packaging. Alcan Packaging also ensures this innovative film delivers outstanding performance features. A silicon oxide (SiOx) nanocoating combines high barrier protection against oxygen, water vapor and other gases with superior optical clarity and high gloss. Ceramis also offers excellent machinability on established converting equipment to help processors maintain peak productivity.

Applications for Ceramis biodegradable barrier films include fresh food, dairy, snacks, pet food and shelf-stable food, as well as household, personal care and industrial products.

Ceramis-PLA films are certified by DIN CERTCO and entitled to the Compostability Logo mark. They comply with US standard ASTM D 6400:1999 and are in conformity with European standard DIN EN 13432:2000-12.

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