mercredi 17 décembre 2008

PGBC answers recyclers on its Reverte™ oxo-biodegradable PET plastic bottle

Planet Green Bottle Corporation (PGBC) is a provider on a proprietary, non-vegetable-based additive trademarked Reverte™ (Oxobioplast) which when added to the PET (polyethylene terephthalate) resin used in the manufacture of PET plastic bottles creates an end-product, plastic bottle which will oxo-biodegrade in 5 to 15 years as opposed to the 1,000 years, or perhaps forever, lifespan of a standard PET plastic bottle as we know it.

The PGBC oxo-biodegradable PET plastic bottle can be thrown into a municipal recycling “blue box” because it is compatible with all current recycling streams for PET plastic bottles.
With the recycling rate of PET plastic bottles in North America at only 23.5% and not likely to change much in the foreseeable future, interest recently has turned to so-called “end of life” solutions as an alternative.

Oxo-biodegradability is therefore an insurance policy against buying a PET plastic bottle and finding that your discarded bottle is one of the 3 out of 4 PET plastic bottles that goes to landfill or is littered. At least your bottle will not last forever to pollute the environment for future generations.
Planet Green is sponsoring the “First Annual Oxo-Biodegradable PET Plastic Bottle Symposium” on December 17th and 18th in Toronto.

Nick Havercroft, Chairman of Planet Green stated:

"Retailers and consumers are becoming more educated and sophisticated about plastic. There are approximately 200 billion PET plastic bottles used per year globally. If 75% do not get into the recycling stream, that means 150 billion PET plastic bottles annually are discarded somewhere in our eco-system. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that an ingredient was added to the resin at time of manufacture that makes that bottle disappear in 5 to 15 years rather than never? Our proprietary ‘Oxo-Bio Reverte™’ logo on a bottler’s label will attract the most caring consumer that is likely a pro-recycling enthusiast. We are recycling enthusiasts but we have designed an insurance policy on the 150 billion PET plastic bottles annually not yet being recycled. We currently have grocery chains and brand beverage bottlers stepping up to the plate to be early adopters in order to get a first mover advantage. We believe a consumer movement to buy our oxo-biodegradable plastic bottles will follow shortly thereafter".

Patrick Rooney, Director of Corporate Development stated:

"Unfortunately, the un-informed have equated biodegradability with corn and/or vegetable-based “plastic” bottles. These PLA-based bottles and additives are not friendly to PET plastic recycling streams therefore oxo-biodegradability gets tarred with the brush of contamination of recycled PET plastic bottles. PLA-based bottles must be collected separately for inclusion in a program of commercial composting. Planet Green’s additive is designed to be compatible with PET plastic, making it totally recycling and “blue box” friendly. Our “Oxo-Bio Reverte™” conscious consumers will lead the way to higher recycling rates!”

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Oxo-biodegradable plastics are otherwise conventional plastics that decompose into humus, the organic component of soil. Those wishing to learn more about oxo-biodegradable plastic products should visit our website at . We have posted a huge amount of information about oxo-biodegradable plastics, and supply many oxo-biodegradable plastic disposable products - wholesale only, I'm afraid. We supply garbage bags, t-shirt bags, water bottle preforms, deli containers and lids, produce bags, straws, and cutlery with zip-lock bags on the way. Oxo-biodegradable plastics are recycleable with conventional plastics. An oxo-biodegradable PET bottle gets recycled with conventional recycled PET bottles, as a '1' recycle category. -Tim Dunn