mardi 16 décembre 2008

Le tournant vert de Dell : Éliminer 20 million de lb d’emballage

Après HP, Dell vient de lancer une nouvelle initiative qui permettra d’économiser plus de 8 millions de dollars pour les quatre prochaines années et d'éliminer 20 millions de livres de matériaux d’emballage préservant par le fait même 150 000 arbres.

Over the next four years, these packaging improvements will reduce desktop and laptop packaging materials by approximately 10 percent worldwide, increase sustainable content in cushioning and corrugate packaging by 40 percent and ensure that 75 percent of packaging components are themselves curbside recyclable. The improvements will help save more than $8.1 million and eliminate 20 million pounds of packaging material, the equivalent of preserving more than 150,000 trees. Dell’s new packaging designs are generating a lot of interest by our customers and by the media, including recent articles in Business Week & Bloomberg.

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