jeudi 11 décembre 2008

GREENBOX: Innovative, Reusable, Recyclable and Fully Sustainable

GREENBOX benefits the pharmaceutical and life science industries in several ways, for example:

  • No spoilage: In the past, shipping temperature-sensitive goods internationally, cross-country or even to outlying or rural areas has resulted in enormous amounts of product spoilage. Because GREENBOX maintains a consistent temperature for up to five days, the risk of spoilage is now virtually non-existent.
  • Any-day shipping: The majority of temperature-sensitive goods are shipped overnight express due to limited thermal protection with current shipping technology. Because GREENBOX maintains temperature for up to five days, customers can ship road freight – even on Fridays – typically resulting in a 65 percent reduction in shipping and distribution expenses.
  • Greater payload efficiency: GREENBOX offers twice the payload space over competitors because of its innovative and streamlined thermal management system – nanotechnology combined with optimal amounts of phase change material.
  • Reduction in distribution-related expenses: Customers can save up to 65 percent on distribution-related expenses due to GREENBOX’s unique, reusable design. In contrast with typical single-use systems, GREENBOX can be reused again and again, with current customers experiencing up to 50 times of reuse.
  • Instant-pack protocol: GREENBOX features an instant-pack protocol – a simple five-step process allowing customers the ability to pack payload at its specified temperature without thermal shock.
  • The first reusable shipper: Because of the resilient nature of GREENBOX customers can use one box up to 50 times, making it the industry’s first reusable thermal shipper. In the United States (and soon in Europe), reclamation centres gather used GREENBOXes, then inspect, clean and re-certify them for re-use.
  • Sustainability: GREENBOX’s innovative materials used are also 100 percent recyclable. When the bright green, hard plastic outer shell and Thermal-LokTM insulating panels reach the end of their lives they are ground down and made into new shells and panels. In addition, GREENBOX features biodegradable, non-petroleum, non-toxic phase change materials.
  • Meets “green” initiatives: Many of today’s leading pharmaceutical companies employ green initiatives and GREENBOX is a perfect fit. It’s the industry’s first and only completely sustainable thermal packaging system, created with 100 percent recyclable, organic-based, non-toxic and fully biodegradable components.

Case study – Walmart’s New Pharma Packaging Survives High Temperatures and Cuts Costs


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