mardi 30 septembre 2008

Companies Can Reduce Carbon Emissions from Truck Shipments by 20% With Green Packaging Methods

Perkins Logistics L.L.C., an Indianapolis-based trucking company, is replacing corrugated boxes and shipping furniture with reusable wrappings and equipment. The company says by using the alternative packaging, it can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 20 percent.

An independent study showed that Perkins Logistics was able to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 20 percent per pound shipped during a two-month test period, using specialized wrapping methods to ship some orders of products from Haworth Inc. in Bruce, Miss., to customers in 16 states.

This could translate into a reduction in emissions by 283 metric tons per year. That is equivalent to removing 52 passenger cars from the road for a year or emissions from heating 99 homes with natural gas, according to the study by Allegiant Global Services in Indianapolis. By using blankets, straps, bars, and plywood tiers, the company fits an average of about 65 percent more products into its trailers, reducing the number of loads needed and eliminating waste.



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