lundi 8 septembre 2008

10 Innovative Packaging Ideas

Via Packaging Digest

How do you create innovative packaging? You can pay a packaging design firm thousands of dollars to come up with some ideas or you can create the ideas yourself. Here are ten ideas that will hopefully stimulate some packaging innovations for your own products.

1. Create a Reusable Package
2. Add a Little Extra to Your Packaging
3. Make Design the Focus of Your Packaging
4. Create Fun Packaging
5. Let Your True Colors Shine Through
6. Extend Your Labels with Sandwich Printing
7. Try the Metallic Look
8. Focus Your Packaging on a Specific Target
9. Merge Two Packaging Concepts
10. Look to Nature for Inspiration

The idea for this article is really to get you to think more about your packaging. Take one or two of these ideas and think about how they can be adapted to your product. If you focus on your packaging and create something that is unique to your company you will be more successful. Remember, your packaging not only has to contain your product, it is your final marketing message to your customers. Look at what your competition is doing and make sure you deliver a strong message with your packaging.

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