vendredi 19 septembre 2008

Packaging of the week: Innovative and Sustainable Sandwich Packaging

Via SuperMarket

In another milestone in its Good business journey, Woolworths is switching from plastic to cardboard packaging for its ‘to go’ range of sandwiches. The cardboard used in the new pack is certified as coming from a sustainable and well-managed forest. And while the transparent window may look like it’s made from plastic, it’s actually made from corn, another renewable resource.

Woolworths’ new sandwich packs carry the stamp of approval of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), an internationally recognised body backed by a large number of leading conservation groups including WWF-SA. As Head of Foods, Julian Novak, explains, “Plastic made from oil is a non-renewable resource. Our new packaging is based on renewable and sustainable resources. The cardboard is certified as coming from well-managed forests, which means we’re supporting responsible forest management. We are particularly proud of this packaging because it is the first time that certified sustainable cardboard is being used in South African food packaging.”

Novak assures customers that the introduction of the new packaging has had no impact on Woolworths sandwich prices.

The innovation doesn’t stop with the materials; the cleverly designed box ‘unzips’ into a handy, self-contained and disposal tray.

The packaging is colour-coded, too, with orange circles identifying sandwiches made with chicken, red circles for pork, blue for fish, yellow for egg, brown for beef and green for vegetarian options.

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