mercredi 17 septembre 2008

Agion Receives Prestiegious Cradle to Cradle Certification from MBDC

Agion Technologies Inc., the worldwide leader in natural silver-based antimicrobial solutions, today announced that it has received Cradle to Cradle Certification from McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC). The company is the first antimicrobial technology to be certified for its environmental intelligence.

Cradle to CradleSM design is a revolutionary approach to the redesign of human industry based on the conviction that rigorous science and design can move human industry beyond simple concerns for “sustainability” toward a new positive paradigm where growth is good. Science provides the physical laws and the data and design serves as the signal of human intention. Cradle to Cradle design mirrors the healthy, regenerative productivity of nature, and thereby creates industry that is continuously improving and sustaining life and growth.

“Since 1995, MBDC has been engaging large and small companies with the challenge of industry to scientifically evaluate and design materials and products according to these principles,” said James Ewell, director of consulting at MBDC. “We now offer companies the chance to have their materials and products not only evaluated, but also certified according to the Cradle to Cradleprinciples.”

“Agion has always been positioned as a naturally-based, non-toxic antimicrobial technology – an alternative to synthetic chemicals,” said Cyndy Hunter, director of marketing for Agion Technologies. “Achieving the Cradle To Cradle certification cements our position and shows that Agion is taking a leadership role in new market innovations.”

Agion, “Nature’s Antimicrobial”, is based on naturally-occurring silver, and is built directly into products, enabling a self-cleaning surface that provides continuous protection from microbes and maintains efficacy for the life of the product. Silver has long been recognized for its antimicrobial properties and has been used to suppress the growth of microbes for thousands of years and is utilized today in applications across industries including healthcare, consumer, food, water, and industrial.

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