mardi 9 septembre 2008

Packaging of the week: Olipak trays

New paper-pulp packaging solution for ready meals. Safe to handle, secure in transit, strong environmental credentials. An innovative and environmentally friendly packaging solution which has captured more than 70% of the US community meals market and is used to provide more than 5,000 community meals every day in the UK is now being marketed as an ideal tray for specialty, low-to-medium run ready meals producers.

Olipak trays stay cool to the touch but bring freshly-sealed, hot food straight to the table. The trays can be frozen to minus 40°C and heated to 205°C in conventional or microwave ovens. The trays also bring big safety advantages because they provide greater rigidity when heated and the film seal adheres firmly to all inner compartment edges helping prevent spillage or mixing of sauces or liquids in transit. All of these benefits are particularly important for users who may have handling or mobility issues.

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