mardi 26 janvier 2010

Boost for innovative environmental sandwich packaging solutions

The current increased concern about saving the planet is boosting interest in sustainable packaging solutions for food products such as sandwiches where easy disposal is an issue.

This trend is particularly strong in Europe where there is growing interest in a variety of sandwich types. In the UK, the largest sandwich market in the world for example, more than 2 billion ready-made sandwiches are consumed each year. The French eat 1.8 billon sandwiches and Germany is showing a growing interest in these take-away snacks.

Consumers are more and more interested in packages' green credentials; excess packaging is frowned upon. At the same time, food producers are looking for ways to save in waste and recycling charges without compromising the high protection values.

Read the full article in the winter 2010 issue of Central and Eastern European Packaging magazine.

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