dimanche 3 janvier 2010

The Top Ten Reasons Stand Up Pouches Can Make Your Profits Stand At Attention

While stand up pouches may not be completely new to the packaging market, they have revolutionized the packaging industry in such a way as to warrant quite a bit of attention. Yet despite their success, there are still those manufacturers who are using old packaging methods to market their products, and they are completely missing out on an opportunity to save enormous amounts of resources, simply through the use of stand up pouches. The pouches are especially useful for manufacturers of items like pet food, chemicals, or foodstuffs like soup. Here is a brief list of reasons why stand up pouches are the answer to your packaging needs:

1. Stand up pouches look great on store shelves because they offer a lot of room for graphics and important instructional information.

2. The composition of stand up pouches takes very well to printing and can serve as a virtual billboard for your product on a store shelf. They can be printed with any number of designs and colors – you are only limited by your imagination.

3. Stand up pouches use a lot less material in housing an item than more traditional packaging methods like a bag-in-a-box, glass, metal, or rigid plastic containers. As a result, both manufacturers and end users have less to throw away.

4. Because they can stand on their own, the merchandising options available to a product in a stand up pouch are far greater than other items.

5. Stand up pouches are available in any number of styles and with multiple different access methods, such as: reclosable zippers, spouts, sliders, or stickers.

6. Made of plastic or a combination of plastic and aluminum laminates, stand up pouches offer excellent protection from outside physical or chemical contaminants, and can improve the freshness of products that break down once exposed to oxygen.

7. Stand up pouches fold flat when empty, saving space during shipment and storage, and saving money on freight costs.

8. Extremely easy to use, most consumers rarely have trouble opening or closing a stand up pouch, which is extremely appealing to both retailers and end users alike.

9. Stand up pouches come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most common shapes are the round-bottom, the k-seal, and the plow bottom. Which you use depends on your product and your preference. Your supplier can make recommendations based on your specific needs.

10. Both dry and liquid products can be housed in stand up pouches, as they are manufactured in such a way as to minimize the risk of the package leaking or breaking, no matter how much stress they are subjected to

In closing, stand up pouches can be used for both industrial and retail applications. Having a product stand on a shelf with easy access to the contents inside definitely favors the retail environment as well as the end user. Together with the large printable surface for maximum consumer appeal, it is clear why this type of packaging continues to grow in popularity.

3 commentaires:

Jocelyn buteau a dit…

Cette solution d'emballage gagne énormément en popularité auprès des consommateurs pour les raisons mentionnées dans l'article: convivialité, propriétés de conservation et "look". C'est aussi une innovation très intéressante pour plusieurs étapes de la chaîne d'approvisionnement: très compact pour le transport et l'entreposage, cubique performant vs l'encaissage et le transport / entreposage. La question qui n'est pas tout à fait répondue encore est la recyclabilité de ce type d'emballage. Les spécifications étant plus ou moins clairement communiquées, les recycleurs et organismes qui gèrent les systèmes de récupérations sont hésitants à inclure ces emballages dans une catégorie performante de peur de diluer la qualité des produits récupérés et donc diminuer la valeur de revente sur le marché. C'est un dilemme qui devra être adressé en 2010 pour faire de ce type d'emballage une solution performante et durable pour toute les étapes du cycle de vie de ces emballages.

PakBec a dit…

Thanks Jocelyn for the comment. I agree with you about the recycling concerns, however in countries (like Germany) where the recovery of energy from the incineration of waste is the accepted practice, stand-up pouch becomes a useful source of heat energy.

Yet recycling alone will not end our dependency on landfills and incinerators.

Moreover, Stand-up pouch leads to source reduction.

Jean-Francois Biron a dit…

This is indeed a great package and like Pakbec mentionned, it is reducing material at the source, making it more ecological than other type of packaging. There are huge savings in shipping the empty pouches VS empty tin cans or rigid containers (20:1 truckloads)and it also save warehousing space at the equivalent ratio. RCM Environnement (Yamachiche, QC) just announced a new addition to their plant to recycle laminated package such as Tetra-Pak and some plastic, maybe they can handle laminated pouch.