mercredi 28 octobre 2009

Active Packaging: extend the shelf life

Active Packaging Solution: Where the Action Is

Active packaging interacts chemically with the food inside the package to safeguard against product degradation from exposure to oxygen and/or moisture. By using active packaging, processors can increase shelf life, protect flavor profiles and maintain the food’s appearance and texture — all without adding preservatives to the product formulation.


New packaging 'triples' food shelf life

New food packaging can double or, in some cases, even triple the shelf life of certain foods for up to 24 months compared with conventional packaging, claims its manufacturer Superfos.

SuperLock packaging is said to achieve the longer shelf-life thanks to very low oxygen transmission rates obtained through a new oxygen barrier. And barrier protection is claimed on all packaging surfaces.

Water coated bio tray could keep buns fresher

A tray combining biodegradability and moisture resistance attributes can extend the shelf life of baked goods and other food products, while reducing the eco footprint of the pack, claims a Hong Kong based packaging developer.

Biopack said that the initial sampling runs and trialling of its trays have shown that they are moisture, grease and water resistant.


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