dimanche 31 août 2008

Packaging of the week: Ecolean Sustainable Packaging

Via Ecolect

Ecolean makes a packaging system that uses a material which is based on calcium carbonate (aka, made from a chalk). They are calling their patented material “Calymer” and it consists of 40% calcium carbonate, natural chalk and polymers (PE and PP) as the binding agent. The packages are manufactured and printed by Ecolean in accordance with each food producer’s instructions. They are then delivered on reels to the factory (who will be adding the contents), hygienic and hermetically pre-sealed. Their Calymer material should not be confused with biodegradable plastics on the market as they follow a different life-cycle. According to their site, upon disposal, a used Calymer package can either be recycled as a traditional plastic or “recovered as energy by incineration.”

The Ecolean Calymer material comes with a full Food Contact Approval Certificate and has improved organoleptic properties over traditional plastic packaging options, meaning that it will preserve the freshness and protect the containers contents longer. The system requires a their proprietary production line with filling machines and packing stations. The filling machine opens, fills and re-seals the packages in 2.4 seconds. Although their Ecolean packaging is available with the system, the Calymer material itself is not for sale.

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