jeudi 23 décembre 2010

Packaging 2010: The Top 5

Produced from 100% recycled paperboard, the Evergreen Bathroom Tissue Carton provides space-saving, one-at-a-time roll dispensing. Other features of the pack are an easy-to-carry handle, a die-cut window to view the product, and a spent-core return.

Evolv was created to raise the bar on entry-level tools with better overall quality and durability and superior ergonomics. Evolv was created to appeal to today’s DIY handyman/handywoman. The corrugated packaging is a response to an internal initiative to eliminate PVC clamshells. We designed the packaging so that it was recyclable and could be easily produced by packaging vendors anywhere on the planet.

Waitrose is set to roll out a new meat packaging format from next month that it says could save 90 tonnes of plastic waste a year. These packs are more slim-line that gives more room in shopping bags, fridges and freezers. With the added benefit of cutting waste by half at no extra cost.

Italian organic products distributor Ecor, together with Italian bioplastics maker Novamont and agricultural group Filogea, has developed a new 100% home compostable packaging format for ready-to-eat washed salads. The new package comprises a folded tray manufactured from paperboard coated with Novamont’s Mater-Bi starch-based bioplastic enclosed in a Mater-Bi film.

Marks & Spencer has launched sliced meat in paper packaging based on Billerud FibreForm – the paper with high stretchability, which can be formed in existing thermoforming lines without requiring costly investments. At the base of the Paperlite material is paper produced by Billerud in such a way that it is inherently stretchable. This material is sent to Flextrus for a coextrusion coating of PE/EVOH/PE. The EVOH provides the oxygen barrier properties needed for the modified-atmosphere package. In a second pass, Flextrus flexo prints the material black, which is done for aesthetic reasons.

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