jeudi 17 juin 2010

Evergreen: Innovative, Convenient and Sustainable Packaging

Produced from 100% recycled paperboard, the Evergreen Bathroom Tissue Carton provides space-saving, one-at-a-time roll dispensing. Other features of the pack are an easy-to-carry handle, a die-cut window to view the product, and a spent-core return.
  • Rolls dispense easily from the attractive, compact carton at home, shop or office.
  • Sustainable. No plastic is used for packaging. Individual tissue rolls are un-wrapped.
  • All Packaging and core materials are made from recycled fiber paper.
  • Unique core return feature to help re-capture roll cores that often go to the landfill.
  • All packaging and core materials are themselves recycleable with minimal effort.
  • Even the shipping pallet can be recycled at the store along with other corrugated boxes.
  • No chlorine based chemicals used in the production of the bath tissue or the carton.
  • Reduced packaging content - no corrugated boxes are used for transport. Costs and store level waste are reduced!

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