jeudi 24 juin 2010

EU demand for stand-up pouches to grow 9.1%

The positive advantages of the stand-up pouch (SUP) will continue to drive strong growth in European demand for this packaging format, according to a new report from PCI Films Consulting.

Although developed nearly 40 years ago, the stand-up pouch (SUP) has taken some time to be truly accepted in the European flexible packaging marketplace. In 2009, nearly 19 billion SUPs were estimated to have been supplied, accounting for 5% of the total value of converted flexible packaging used in Europe. Wet pet foods accounted for almost a third of this volume and non-retortable food pouches were among the fastest growing. Around 975 million square metres of laminate was used to make pouches, of which 65% was used to make pre-made pouches, with the balance supplied as reels to packers for use on form-fill-seal machines.

PCI’s study has found that, in the five years up to 2008, European demand for stand-up pouches grew by 10 - 15% p.a. Demand slowed during the economic downturn in 2009, but stronger interest from packers is expected to return in future years.

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JF Biron @Automatixx_tech a dit…

Islem, this is an intetesting article. Do you have equivalent data for North America? Being involved in selling SUP equipment, I feel a growing demand, but this is only based on my gut feeling.

Unknown a dit…

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