jeudi 30 décembre 2010

Le Bilan de 2010 : Articles de vulgarisation

En 2010, j’ai été invité à rédiger quelques articles de vulgarisation pour :

1. La Revue L’Actualité Alimentaire : Emballages Éco-Responsables : Concevoir mieux avec Moins. Vous pouvez télécharger ici, l’intégralité de cet article.

La prise de conscience environnementale des entreprises agroalimentaires peut et doit devenir le moteur d’innovation en matière d’emballage. L’éco-conception est un outil prometteur dans une démarche stratégique pour se différencier de la concurrence et rassurer un consommateur soucieux d’opérer des choix plus verts.

2. Middle East Food Magazine : Stand-Up Pouches for Food and Beverage Packaging. You can download here this article.

Consumers’ nomadic life-styles and the growing number of single and senior households favor a trend toward single and small-portion packs. Flexible packaging, especially stand-up pouches constitute the ideal solution.

3. Middle East Food Magazine : Shrink sleeves for food and beverage packaging. You can download here this article.

Consumers are consistently looking for new and different products to purchase. To meet this desire, companies are constantly trying to find new ways to differentiate their products from their competitors. Shrink sleeves are a perfect means of doing so. They represent an exciting new trend in the world of packaging and a growing opportunity for converters.

4. The Paper Packaging Market 2010-2020: Also I was invited to give my opinion on the future market of paper packaging: trends and developments prevailing in the current paper packaging industry? What are the technological developments? What challenges and opportunities?

Visiongain's new materials report, The Paper Packaging Market 2010-2020 examines the industry trends prevailing in the global paper packaging industry and forecasts the development in the market over the next decade. The report also surveys recent market trends among major companies and reveals where the market will experience growth, laying out the market's strengths and weaknesses with targeted forecasts. Visiongain's analysis has concluded that the global value of the paper packaging market will is $228.3bn in 2010.

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