vendredi 10 septembre 2010

100% home compostable packaging: Paperboard coated with Novamont’s Mater-Bi

Italian organic products distributor Ecor, together with Italian bioplastics maker Novamont and agricultural group Filogea, has developed a new 100% home compostable packaging format for ready-to-eat washed salads.

Launched at the SANA organic food and agriculture fair in Bologna yesterday, the project partners said the aim of the development was to come up with a pack that preserved and protected the salad but that also met the sustainability requirements of the organic consumer.

The new package comprises a folded tray manufactured from paperboard coated with Novamont’s Mater-Bi starch-based bioplastic enclosed in a Mater-Bi film.

All components of the pack are 100% compostable and can be disposed of into the kitchen waste stream. Novamont also said the new pack incorporates no GMO components.

“Filogea salads will be the first to be distributed with the eco-packaging developed with Novamont,” said Roberto Zanoni, general manager of Ecor NaturaSì. “We also plan to extend the scope of this experimental project to provide a sustainable packaging solution for other IV range bio products.”

Novamont CEO Catia Bastioli said the aim of the project was to demonstrate that consumers wanting to follow “eco” principles need not compromise on quality.

“The use of biodegradable and compostable packaging can be a tool to maximise the recovery of material through composting and recycling, with enormous benefits in terms of environmental sustainability, especially when, as in this case, the product has such a short shelf life,” she said.

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