mardi 14 septembre 2010

'snip and slide' packs: The future of meat packaging

Waitrose is set to roll out a new meat packaging format from next month that it says could save 90 tonnes of plastic waste a year.

The 'snip and slide' packs will reach shelves in October and initially used for minced and diced meat. The packaging is snipped open and the product slides into the pan.

Waitrose said the flow-wrap packs were lightweight but robust enough to withstand other items being placed on top of them in a shopping basket.

Meat buyer Andy Boulton said the new packs were a response to consumer demand for a practical way to cut waste.

"These packs are more slim-line that gives more room in shopping bags, fridges and freezers. With the added benefit of cutting waste by half at no extra cost, I predict that this style of packaging will be a real hit," said Boulton.

"Feedback from customers has already been really positive as they can still buy the same quality meat products but will be minimising waste."

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