dimanche 1 août 2010

Paper-based Packaging: Sustainability and Functionality

I have just created a LinkedIn group entitled: PAPER-BASED PACKAGINGa group dedicated to all professionals within the Packaging and Pulp & Paper Industries.
Sustainability and food safety and are the driving forces behind innovation in food packaging. Increases in functionality, improvements in food safety, economics and meeting environmental and legislative measures are pushing packaging actors to “Think outside the box”. Paper-based packaging provides smart, versatile and responsible packaging solutions for product manufacturers, retailers, and consumers.
A bright future may be anticipated for sustainable, high-performance barrier and smart paper-based packaging:

  1. Innovative paper-based packaging offers environmental, convenience, food safety and preservation and economics benefits for both customers and packaging actors.
  2. Coating and lamination: adds functionality to sustainable paper-based packaging.
  3. Biodegradable, smart and active barrier : Developments of speciality paper and paperboard through innovation
Join the discussion to share and brainstorm latest news, trends and innovation in Paper-based packaging

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