mardi 10 août 2010

Spot-Pak: A smart balance between sustainability and cost savings

By replacing corrugated shippers with corrugated pads plus shrink film, the firm behind the popular Smart Balance brand makes measurable gains on at least two fronts.

Spot-Pak will achieve dramatic sustainability gains vs. traditional corrugated shippers. For starters, it reduces the weight of the secondary packaging for a 12-count multipack from .046 to .024 lb. Other advantages include these: 
  • 975 tons less packaging material to landfill or recycle

  • 723 tons less greenhouse gas emissions

  • 24.6 million megajoules less total energy consumption

  • Because the Spot-Pak shipper cubes out better (15 multipacks per pallet layer instead of 13 corrugated cases), 64 fewer truckloads per year will be required to transport the same amount of product
Cost savings are significant, too. Because the Spot-Pak system replaces a manual case packing operation, there are labor savings to be had. And on the materials side, the Spot-Pak format requires considerably less corrugated. Newly added to the cost-of-materials picture, of course, is the shrink film that is applied over each Spot-Pak. But even so, the amount of money paid for packaging materials is significantly less than it used to be. Though GFA prefers not to quantify precisely what that savings is, Delkor in its promotional materials and on its Web site routinely speaks of a 50% savings being more or less typical.

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