lundi 24 novembre 2008

Packaging of the week: Protektapak, sustainable wine packaging

Europe’s leading paper-based packaging manufacturer Smurfit Kappa has created a revolutionary new corrugated mail order pack for wine bottles, specially designed to withstand the grueling postal distribution chain environment.

The strong and durable ‘Protektapak’ corrugated box design provides unique transit protection for bottles. It has a 100% guarantee and during tests has been proven robust enough to protect bottle contents, even when being dropped from 5 metres (the height of a standard first storey window).

Smurfit Kappa created ‘Protektapak’ when briefed by to develop an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to protective mailing packs currently used in the market. The resulting corrugated box design aims to replace environmentally unfriendly and expensive polystyrene.

The new pack has also been specially designed to be simple to pack and simple to post. It can also be modified to take any fragile object or objects that needs to be protected in the post and offers an ideal solution to internet shopping which requires maximum protection.

The 'Protektapak' innovative design has been awarded the UK Packaging Awards 2008 Corrugated Packaging Award.

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Émerveillance a dit…

Great! It would be nice to have information about the paper's pedigree: recycled content, recyclability, etc. Also, a bit of LCA background, ie: how much reduction of the footprint was achieved when compared to the original packaging.