vendredi 21 novembre 2008

Packaging of the week: mascara BAMBOO

The innovative mascara BAMBOO from DieterBakicEnterprises has been awarded two of the industry’s most prestigious prizes: the German Packaging Award 2008 and the World Packaging Organisation’s World Star Award 2008.

The standard packaging BAMBOO won the juries over with functionality. The mascara works like a telescope – twist open the cap and the mascara brush extends to full standard length but upon inserting the brush into the base and twisting, the brush shortens and returns to the original length. The minimalistic design reduces required space and guarantees user friendliness when opened. This compact little helper will fit even in the smallest purse. Its capacity is 8 ml.

BAMBOO’s telescope applicator can be used for lip gloss and eyeliner as well. Like all standard packaging from DieterBakicEnterprises, this mascara can be customized and decorated in many ways.

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