lundi 3 novembre 2008

Life cycle analysis: plastic pallet vs wood pallet

An independent Life cycle Analysis has examined the environmental impact of the 3 types of pallets commonly used today: the pooled multi-use wood pallet, the single-use wood pallet and iGPS's pooled all-plastic pallet. The analysis, conducted in accordance with international standards, examined the "cradle-to-grave" impact each pallet type has on the environment, including impact on global warming, ozone depletion and acidification.
The analysis found that, even utilizing conservative assumptions, iGPS's all-plastic pallet had significantly less environmental impact than both the pooled multi-use wood pallet and one-way wood pallet.

When comparing the iGPS pallet and the typical multi-use wood pallet:

  • Abiotic Depletion: iGPS’s pallet has 25% - 35% less impact
  • Global Warming: iGPS’s pallet had 65% - 70% less impact
  • Ozone Layer Depletion: iGPS’s pallet had 91% - 92% less impact
  • Photochemical Oxidation: iGPS’s pallet had 60% - 65% less impact
  • Acidification: iGPS’s pallet had 60% - 65% less impact
  • Eutrophication: iGPS’s pallet had 75% - 80% less impact

Nb: iGPS provides the world's first all-plastic pallet pool with embedded RFID tags.


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