mercredi 20 mai 2009

Pack news of the week: Sustainable packaging and eco-friendly materials

One-Third of All Packaging Materials to be Eco-Friendly by 2014

In the industrialized world, packaging for all types of products has become both necessary and truly ubiquitous. As more people become “modern consumers” around the world, it is an increasing burden on producers, individuals, and the environment. According to a new study from Pike Research, sustainable packaging is a fast-growing segment of the global packaging industry, and will grow to 32% of the total market by 2014, up from just 21% in 2009.

Cryovac sustainable packaging honored by PAC

Flexible-packaging converter Sealed Air’s Cryovac® In-the-Bag™ merchandising for roasts (left) was honored with a silver award in the 2009 Sustainable Packaging Competition sponsored by the Packaging Association of Canada.

Cryovac® vacuum packaging materials are thinner and lighter, allowing for a reduction in materials. In addition, Cryovac® vacuum packaging reduces the number of leakers and keeps products fresher for longer, so retailers lose fewer products and can keep their cases stocked with a mix of value cuts that are ready to merchandise as needed.

Sony Going Green With Blu-ray, DVD Packaging

All future Blu-ray and DVD titles from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will be sold in more sustainable packaging. Sony has pledged to reduce carbon emissions associated with its DVD manufacturing by 2 million pounds in North America by 2010. The packaging, which uses less plastic and more recycled paper, makes its debut in the Blu-ray release of “Paul Blart: Mall Cop.”

Going forward, all single-disc Sony standard definition DVDs will use paper made from 30 percent post-consumer waste, according to a press release. Previously, the firm used 100 percent virgin paper.

Ultra-light discs will contain 20 percent less plastic and will be covered with plastic shrinkwrap that is 20 percent lighter.

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