vendredi 22 mai 2009

EU project aims to create bioplastics with complete hydrosolubility

A new type of packaging obtained from non-food agricultural raw materials which after use can be disposed of with ease thanks to its complete hydrosolubility. That is the aim of the ReBioFoam (Renewable Bio-polymer FOAMs) research project, financed under the EU Seventh Framework Programme and which involves 10 partners from 8 European Countries (Italy, Poland, Spain, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom), in association with ERRMA (European Renewable Raw Materials Association), a body devoted to Europe-wide promotion of the use of renewable raw materials in the energy and materials sectors.

The aim of project, coordinated by Novamont, a leading Italian company in the bioplastics sector, is to develop a new flexible and eco-sustainable process with a low energy impact for the production of expanded biodegradable packaging containing renewable raw materials. The expansion of the biopolymers will be obtained using microwave technology (using specially designed molding presses with innovative coatings), which will take advantage of the water naturally present in the materials used (Novamont biopolymers) as expansion agents.

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