samedi 9 octobre 2010

Packaging of the week: Amcor Flexidity, sustainability, functionality and differentiation

Amcor Flexidity® combines a flexible pouch with a carton sleeve, with the flexible pouch ensuring that the product stays fresh and food waste is reduced and also delivering the easy opening and reclose features and the cardboard providing the shape and the many convenience benefits, like easy sharing, easy pouring or easy handling. To consume the product, users simply push in the pack on the side to form a stand-up pack and to ensure a wide opening of the pouch.

As an aspect of sustainability, Amcor Flexidity® is the ideal alternative to glass, metal or rigid plastic containers, leading to both cost and environmental benefits in storage and transportation. Due to the pack’s limited packaging weight and volume, more packs can be loaded onto one truck, thus reducing the number of trucks and the corresponding CO2 emission. After consumption, the carton sleeve can be separated from the pouch and recycled through the paper recycle stream.

1 commentaire:

Isabelle Baron a dit…

Je trouve que cela ressemble aux boîtes de céréales! Un concept qui est connue depuis longtemps, mais qui n'était peut-être pas utilisé autant qu'il aurait pu.

Isabelle Baron