mardi 25 août 2009

Amosorb: high performance PET barrier technology

ColorMatrix, the leading global innovator in plastic liquid colourants and additives, will launch Amosorb® SolO2, a high performance PET barrier technology, at Drinktec 2009. This new technology ensures extended product protection and longer shelf-life in oxygen-sensitive beverages, particularly beers, wines and juices. ColorMatrix will also show its customised dosing systems and DosiXpressTM, a web-based colour match, development and delivery system which gives customers complete control of colour development, sampling and ordering. A new light blocking solution for the dairy sector will be unveiled, which promises improved process capability while extending shelf-life and optimising container appearance.

Amosorb SolO2 is the latest addition to ColorMatrix's renowned Amosorb range of O2 scavengers. It combines oxygen scavenging with barrier properties, providing essential protection from O2 ingress, CO2 loss and potential product degradation. Colour can be added simply, so brand owners and converters can perfect the aesthetics of their products. Specifically developed for oxygen-sensitive beverages, where empty bottle storage may be required, Amosorb SolO2 can delay CO2 egress by up to 30 days and protect from O2 ingress for up to four months longer than PET with standard Amosorb. Amosorb SolO2 can be used with any type of PET resin and is suitable for both mono-layer and multi-layer PET containers. Easy to handle and use, it complies fully with EU and FDA food contact legislation.


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