mercredi 10 juin 2009

Making the most of our packaging

Making the Most of Packaging, the new strategy published by Defra, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and the Devolved Administrations sets a clear direction for packaging policy for the next ten years.

The overall aim of the Packaging Strategy is to minimise the environmental impact of packaging, without compromising its ability to protect the product.

To make this happen, government will work with a range of delivery bodies and industry so that in 10 years’ time, packaging is designed to use as little material as will do the job, and with re-usability, recyclability or recovery in mind – as standard.

The Strategy also sets out plans to improve the recycling of packaging waste, particularly glass, plastics and aluminium, with a focus on the household waste stream and on quality. The intention is ensure that over time the UK achieves a recycling rate similar to the best EU performers.


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