mercredi 10 juin 2009

Bioplastics News: composting and sustainability

Bioplastic packaging from two major producers have been tested in home composting systems by a U.K. consumer group, showing that they all compost in relatively short amounts of time.

As more companies explore bioplastic packaging and materials, some concerns have been raised about the end of life of bioplastic. Some types of bioplastic can only be composted in industrial composting facilities, and in most places there is little composting infrastructure. Making materials that can also be handled in home compost settings raises the ability for those materials to be composted and receive the end of life the manufacturer intended, instead of being throw in the trash.

Sustainable coffee cup gains ground

Various companies (including KLM and Peeze Koffie) and government institutes are already pouring tea and coffee into Moonen Natural cups. This 100% environmentally-friendly coffee cup is made from natural, renewable materials. The coffee cup is quick and easy to implement and therefore provides an immediate contribution to a company’s environmental policy.

KLM is the first airline in the world to use these coffee and tea cups on all its intercontinental and European flights. “This environmentally-friendly cup fits in perfectly with our policy on sustainability. Our on-board staff are also enthusiastic. The cup is light-weight, easy to handle and takes up less space than our old plastic cups,” says Bart Vos, Executive Vice President of Inflight Services at KLM. “And the cups also look attractive.”

Biodegradable film used for mobile phones and MP3 players

Clarifoil, makers of biodegradable films for packaging and labelling, have issued updated guidance on uses of their films for point of sale packaging of small electronics products such as mobile phones and MP3 players. Clarifoil finds application in this industry in three ways: as a laminated surface finish to the carton, as a high transparency window aperture, and as a tamper evident label on the packaging.

Widely used in high volume box manufacturing to enhance pack appearance and provide crystal clear windows, Clarifoil has also gained EN13432 and ASTM D 6400 the European and US biodegradability accreditations which reassure consumers as to the pack’s environmental credentials.

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