mardi 10 février 2009

Winery adopts anti-counterfeiting system

California winery Kosta Browne Winery is implementing the Kodak Traceless system protect its valuable vintages against counterfeiting.

Chris Costello, proprietor/managing partner at Kosta Browne comments: “The problem of counterfeiting has become more common, especially with wines sold at auction. With the Traceless system, we are doing everything we can to ensure that each bottle is authentic, protecting the quality and integrity of our brand and our customers’ investment.”

The Traceless System is an ultra-covert technology using forensically invisible markers that can be added to printing inks, paper or other packaging elements during the manufacturing process. These markers are detectible using only Kodak Traceless pen readers, which are available to wineries such as Kosta Browne, allowing it to quickly and effectively implement a protection strategy that assures long term security of the product and the brand.

Kodak and Kosta Browne worked closely with label printer Tapp Technologies, of Napa, California, to develop an authentication solution that could be applied invisibly to the packaging without adding steps or costs to production.

“The Traceless system surpasses any other anti-counterfeiting solution currently available because of its ease of use,” says Bill Knopka, Tapp’s VP and general manager. “We simply incorporate Kodak’s technology into our labels to give wine producers an easy to implement, cost effective and long lasting solution for protecting their products. The Traceless system is very versatile and has no effect on the characteristics of the end products or the packaging.”

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