mardi 24 février 2009

Packaging of the week: Envelope-fold tetrahedron for snack food

Via Packwebasia

A resource-saving thin film for snack food was used by Mitosaien Co Ltd to form this tetrahedron-shaped (a polyhedron composed of four triangular faces, three of which meet at each vertex) package.

As an envelope fold single-sealed along the top side, it is suitable for use for food such as fresh salads, snacks and confectionery and other soft materials.

The package is user-friendly and easy-to-open. The side that the consumer should open the package from is highlighted with a color border, while the side of the package that would function as the centre of the base is highlighted in a different color shade. Arrows and instructions explain how the package should be opened from the centre.

The side to be opened has a small tab cut at the centre to help consumers open the package. The film is creased on two faces to facilitate easy tearing.

When the package is torn open, the bag opens and forms a boat-shaped tray, with the two un-creased faces forming the base. This keeps the package contents from spilling over.

This package won an award in the Japan Packaging Institute, Good Packaging 2008 competition in the Food Category and was on display at Tokyo Pack International Packaging Exhibition in October 2008.

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