dimanche 13 septembre 2009

WikiPak: Printed intelligence in packaging

Demands on packaging are continually changing: increases in functionality, improvements in economics and meeting environmental and legislative measures. Printed intelligence in packaging has potential to influence the packaging sector greatly, as it fits perfectly with the food safety strategy and brand protection.

According to VTT Technical Research Centre : Electronic, bio, chemical, optic, optoelectronic etc. functionalities created and manufactured by printing like 'continuously running' roll-to-roll methods, enabling cost efficient manufacturing/integration/embedding of simple intelligence everywhere.

Printed intelligence are components and systems, which:
  • Extend the functions of printed matter beyond traditional visually interpreted textual and graphical communications
  • Perform actions as a part of functional products or information systems

Read more: Printed Intelligence in Packaging: Current and Potential Applications of Nanotechnology (Click here to download the presentation)


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