lundi 7 septembre 2009

Biopackaging 2009: From Feedstock to Waste Stream

Responding to the needs of the biopackaging industry, Pira International’s annual conference provides a unique forum to learn from key speakers and best practice examples for improving sustainability, assessing business and technical considerations. Plus, gain insight into choosing the right waste strategy, applying regulations and hearing about developments in bioplastics.

Biopackaging from Feedstock to Waste Stream 2009 will incorporate a focus on waste management that will address the key issues relating to landfill, the end user, legislation and European directives. The environment and commercial success of biopackaging relies on the implementation of a well planned waste stream specifically designed to handle these compostable materials. Hear from the experts who will discuss the ways forward in adopting waste strategies that satisfy all links in the supply chain and that comply with established regulations. At this event we will also cover the latest technology developments and uses for bioplastics in packaging from the developers as well as the trade organisations perspective on the use of these materials as a sustainability tool.

CLICK HERE to download the biopackaging agenda

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