lundi 21 septembre 2009

Sustainable Packaging: save money and the environment

A senior Wal-Mart executive said Monday a drive to cut packaging on toys saved the retailer some $3.5 million in transportation costs last Christmas, a major gain to the bottom line the company won from its sustainability initiative.

The slimmer packaging, in some cases amounting to as little as a one-inch reduction in the cardboard that houses individual toys bound from Asian factories to the United States, added up to 727 fewer ocean containers for the retailing giant. The company also saved 1,300 barrels of oil.

Abbott is in the process of launching more than 40 sustainable packaging initiatives across its nutrition, pharmaceutical and medical product businesses to help achieve its five percent reduction target in the amount of packaging used in key products by 2013.

The initiatives are focused on the increased use of lighter and sustainable materials in package design, which will reduce the company’s environmental footprint through less waste in landfills, more responsible forest management and fewer emissions, according to the company. In addition, it will lower cost and in some cases reduce shelf space, said the company.


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