mardi 21 juin 2011

Los Angeles Expands Recycling to Food and Drink Cartons

Juice boxes and milk cartons, the bane of some recycling programs, can be chucked straight into household recycling bins in Los Angeles under an expanded program the city created with help from the Carton Council industry group.

The group of carton manufacturers works with recycling companies, cities and paper mills to promote recycling programs for liquid food and beverage containers, the technology that makes it possible, and end markets for the material. In Los Angeles, the group worked with the city and the companies that provide curbside residential recycling services so that cartons for refrigerated and shelf-stable products like soup, broth, wine, soy milk, milk and juice can go into the blue collection bins instead of the trash.

2 commentaires:

Kelly T. a dit…

Awesome to hear. I'm surprised more cities aren't doing this if it's so easy to do (as Mr. Fielkow states)

Ryan a dit…

its really cool to see how access to recycling has grown per the graphic... 31%, not bad