dimanche 27 février 2011

Bioplastics News : Heinz PlantBottles & Frito-Lay ‘Quieter’ bags

Heinz Adopts Coca-Cola PlantBottles

 Starting this summer, Heinz will be bottling its famous ketchup in more earth-friendly packaging. Yesterday, the company announced that it plans to use plant-based bottles developed by Coke — aptly named “PlantBottles” — for all of its 20 oz. ketchup bottles. The plastic bottles consist of 30 percent plant material, and are made with a Brazilian sugarcane ethanol, which results in a lower reliance on unsustainable resources as compared with traditional PET bottles.

Frito-Lay Unveils ‘Quieter’ SunChips Bags

Four months ago, a bold Frito-Lay packaging move suffered jeers for what critics called an embarrassing marketing blunder. Today, the chip giant said it has found a solution.

The company’s 100 percent compostable bags for its SunChips product, sneak-previewed and then unveiled with great fanfare, proved a flop when customers complained that the plant-based bags were too noisy. Consumers have compared the SunChips’ bag noise to a “revving motorcycle” and “glass breaking”. In October, Frito-Lay yanked the bags for all but its SunChips Original snacks, reverting most flavors to the original packaging.

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