dimanche 6 décembre 2009

Lancaster Sun Sport : Stand-up pouch for active and nomadic lifestyle

Consumers’ nomadic life-styles have been captured by an attractive and handy 3D sample sachet for a new sun gel range from Lancaster Sun Sport.

Produced by French contract packer and sachet specialist LCEsa, the convenient stand-up 10ml sachet is made from an alufoil-based multilayer laminate, with a reclosable cap.

Alcan Packaging Montreuil- Bellay, a specialist flexible packaging company for pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications, printed and laminated the PET/ALU/PE multilayer structure to give the right combination of flexibility and resistance for ease of dispensing. It also protects and preserves the active ingredients of the sun gel, even in extreme climate conditions.

The large decorative surface of the sachet features high quality rotogravure printing in 4-colours, which together with its stand-up position on shelf, provides excellent branding and promotional opportunities for the colour coded range of sun gels.

Another advantage of the 3D sachet is its higher ratio of product quantity to surface of laminate compared with the equivalent flat sachet.

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Emmanuel Gilloz - Wat a dit…

Ces cas d'emballages individuels sont intéressant.

Personnellement j'ai bien aimé le graphique analysant l'impact global des tablettes de chocolat, et de voir que le chocolat noir représente quasiment 2 fois moins de CO² que le blanc (même si après coup cela peut paraître logique avec les traitement nécessaire à sa production)