samedi 28 novembre 2009

Nanotechnology has 'big potential' for intelligent packaging

PIRA consultant Dr Graham Moore has highlighted the "big potential" for nanotechnology in packaging as long as issues surrounding consumer safety are fully addressed.

Moore made the comments during an online conference organised yesterday (26 November) by the NanoKTN in conjunction with Leatherhead Food Research, titled Development and Enhancement of Packaging through Nanotechnology.

Barriers, track and trace, anti-counterfeit measures and intelligent packaging were all identified as possible outlets for nanotechnologies.

However, Moore said that before nanotechnologies become readily accepted by the packaging market, issues such as supply and consumer safety must be addressed.

He said that if brands "go down the route" of nanotechnology they must have the "quantity and quality they need".

"Packaging is already under huge scrutiny because of migration of chemicals," added Moore. "They must show there is no migration and no detriment to the consumer."

Please find enclosed my talk entitled: “Printed Intelligence in Packaging: Current and Potential Applications of Nanotechnology” given last April 28-30, 2009 in Columbus, Ohio, USA for the 2009 TAPPI PLACE Flexible Packaging Summit.
Printed Intelligence in Packaging

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