lundi 28 mai 2012

LINPAC Packaging increases shelf life without additional preservatives

LINPAC Packaging, Europe’s leading multi-material packaging manufacturer, has developed a new range of bakery containers in partnership with its customers to keep sweet treats spongier and fresher for longer.

The food packaging company was challenged with developing a product which significantly reduced the amount of moisture lost and thereby increasing the shelf-life of sponge and pastry-based products without using additional food preservatives. Current cake and bun containers allow a high level of moisture to escape from the pack meaning that products turn stale within a couple of days.

LINPAC Packaging is hoping to tempt bakers, pâtissiers and confectioners with their new round and rectangular hinged cake containers which have been developed with the needs of their customers in mind and will keep cakes and buns fresher for several days longer than traditional containers.

LINPAC Packaging is also investing in research and development of ‘active’ packaging for the bakery sector to extend product shelf life through the use of food safe anti-fungal coatings. Like the new hinged containers, the coatings will help to keep bakery items fresher for longer.

Other products in LINPAC Packaging’s bakery range include a range of recyclable PET transport trays to prevent damage to delicate bakery items during transit and the SmartBox which offers a unique packaging solution to ensure maximum impact in presentation and strong branding opportunities, without compromising on product protection and environmental concerns.

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