mardi 13 mars 2012

Bioplastics News: Myths & Truths, Guideline and Global Picture

Bioplastic myths and truths

Myth 1: Bioplastics are organic, and thus good for the planet
Myth 2: Bioplastics are biodegradable 
Myth 3: Bioplastics are recyclable
Myth 4: Bioplastics are non-toxic

Bioplastics Council releases free industry guides

SPI’s Bioplastics Council is releasing two industry guides in an effort to support bioplastics education and explore the various subjects that impact the plastics industry. The free guides are titled “Understanding Biobased Carbon Content” and “Life Cycle Analysis Primer – What, Why and How.”

A map updating the global bioplastics picture

With the first wave of biopolymer production now reaching commercial scale, the news flow for further such projects is focused mainly on Europe - especially Italy - and the Americas.

With abundant feedstocks of sugarcane, corn and biomass, it is not surprising that activity remains strong in Brazil and the US. In Europe, Italy has used tax breaks and is promoting the use of compostable plastic bags to stimulate the industry.

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