jeudi 22 décembre 2011

Ten packaging machinery trends for 2012

With the North American economy beginning to show some positive signs, there is a pent-up demand for new packaging, new products, new acquisitions, and new technologies to increase packaging line productivity. B&R Industrial Automation's packaging market development manager John Kowal--who is also a board member of both the Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute and OMAC--predicts packaging machinery trends that will emerge from this environment.

1. Sterialization will gain ground
2. Condition monitoring will add value
3. Accelerating software convergence in packaging
4. Brazil will be on your radar
5. Retail ready…or not, here it comes
6. Safety first…and next
7. Plant seeds now to win big later
8. Advanced technologies for turnkey systems
9. Better interaction with operators on individual machines
10. NA and EU OEMs consolidate

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