mardi 20 décembre 2011

Five Global Packaging Trends than Could Change your Life

Here are PackagingDiva 5 packaging trends that you cannot overlook for 2012.

1.     Eyeballs Everywhere : Everyone will be watching what you do with your product packaging. Increasing scrutiny will come from US regulatory agencies such as the FDA, FTC, international agencies and watchdog groups such as the Copenhagen accord and of course consumers. They want to tell you to what you can or cannot say on your packaging, what materials it should be made of, how much material you can use and how you should dispose of it.

Packaging phrases to watch for:

§ Packaging Bans and Mandate
§ External Regulatory Agencies
§ WrapRage
§ Misleading Consumers

2.      Private Label Prevails : CPG’s (consumer products) are under attack as consumer battle economic woes. It’s now not as much about the brand as it is about the value of what’s inside. If you have noticed many of the 1st tier brands are being moved to less attractive shelf space due to the advent of private label brands for most retailers.

Packaging phrases to watch for:

§ Private Label
§ Generic
§ Economical
§ Value Packaging
§ Branding
§ Marketing
§ Rebranding

3.     Information Overload : Ever wonder about all those icons, symbols and slogans on your packaging?  What they really mean? As companies struggle to craft winning messages they are creating their own symbols, slogans and icons many of which are meaningless. So no wonder the consumer is confused about the validity of these messages.

Packaging phrases to watch for:

§ Certification Symbols
§ Frustration-Free Certification
§ Self-certification
§ Greenwashing
§ Branding
§ Marketing
§ Advertising

4.     Green Goes Mainstream : Packaging accounts for 30-35% of the waste stream and consumers are concerned what to do about it. They are demanding less packaging and that serves a secondary purpose or can be recycled or reused.

Packaging phrases to watch for:

§ Recyclable
§ Compostable
§ Sustainable
§ Biodegradable
§ Bioplastics
§ Bioresins
§ Greenwashing
§ Repurposed
§ Precycling
§ Eco-friendly
§ Extended Producer Responsibility

5.     Your Packaging Does What and Where? Gone are the days of packages sitting prettily on the shelf. There is too much competition so companies are looking for unique ways to engage the consumer. Much of this revolves around interactive packaging and social media where consumers are engaged through secondary actions. Smart or intelligent packages that help you make an informed decision or at the very least point you in the right direction. The mobile consumer is the target of most of these packaging innovations.

            Packaging phrases to watch for:

§ Augmented Reality
§ 2D Barcodes
§ Social Media
§ Facebook
§ Twitter
§ Smart Packaging
§ Intelligent Packaging
§ Nanotechnology
§ YouTube
§ Virtual Stores
§ Smartphones

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