mardi 13 décembre 2011

Protecting energy wood with a paper-based biomass cover saves time and money

Sonoco will invest about $75 million to add a new biomass boiler to its plant in Hartsville, replacing two aging coal-fired boilers. The new boiler will be fueled primarily by woody biomass created by regional logging activity but can also run on natural gas. The boiler will produce about 16 MW of "green" energy that will be consumed by the manufacturing complex, as well as steam that is used in the papermaking process. The company will also upgrade a machine that produces corrugated paperboard, as well as emission-control technology on another boiler at the plant. (Source)

My comment:

Turning woody biomass from the forest into green energy seems to have a bright future. We are offering a biomass cover, a cover material made mainly of paper which shelters logging residue from rain, snow and freezing. Thanks to the cover, the energy content of the wood rises as the solids content increases. Experience has shown that the solids content of wood can be raised by as much as 10–15% by using the cover. 

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