dimanche 24 avril 2011

Can Packaging Boost Sales as Companies Strive for Sustainability?

On April 5, Oliver Campbell, Dell Computers Procurement Director, wrote in his blog that Dell is beginning to implement the usage of mushroom based packaging. The new packaging was created by Ecovative Design. Dell is the first technology company to start pilot shipments, and will be testing the packaging on its PowerEdge R710 servers.

Ecovative Design purports the mushroom packaging reduces solid waste and fossil fuel consumption. This is achieved as the packaging is made of compostable material, and takes one-tenth the energy to produce in comparison to styrofoam.

Packaging is a large contributor to waste and fossil fuel usage. For these reasons, packaging is a big concern for companies in addressing sustainability issues, whether it is packaging for their own products or packaging of the products they purchase to conduct business. Thus, this new mushroom packaging is important to make note of, as it is a sustainable form of packaging using agricultural waste that can then be composted.

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