dimanche 2 décembre 2012

Plastiroll launches bio-film to extend life of fresh food products

Biodegradable films producer Plastiroll has unveiled a new bio-film which it claims will extend the life of fresh food products such as fruits and vegetables

Following two years of research and development work, the Finnish based firm said its transparent packaging film was made from combination of corn starch based materials which results in a film which forms a breathable membrane that is biodegradable and “GMO-free with good strength properties”.

“Our new bio-film is an ecological alternative to conventional plastic films with the same physical properties. There is a demand for packaging materials with good green credentials as long as they perform as well as or better than conventional films,” said Jani Avellan, product development manager at Plastiroll.  He added: “For our customers this is a solution that offers significant cost savings through longer shelf life, less waste and lower disposal costs.”

The firm said that its new film can be easily disposed of along with the food waste. The packaging film is sealable and can be used on its own or as part of a carton box or tray.

Depending on customer requirements it can be supplied in different thickness and roll width for use in most types of packaging machinery.

In a statement, the firm said: “The performance has been rigorously tested with customers in Europe who have reported significantly increased self-life extensions of fresh produce.

“This is because the packaging film helps create an optimum balance between humidity control and oxygen and carbon dioxide permeability which, in turn, contributes to slowing product degradation. Also, due to the fact that sealing temperature of bio-films is lower than of conventional plastic films, less energy and lower temperatures are needed during the bio-film packaging process.”

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